About Us

Hello, my name is Robert and I am the owner of
BMZ CLASSICS Antique Car Rental For Your Special Occasion!
A little about myself and why I do what I do! When I was a child my dad use to take me to car shows as often as we could go! My dad loved antique and classic cars and soon I did as well!
In 2006 I married my best friend Diana! She is my World and in 2008 we had adorable twin baby boys Brandon and Zachary! We were so happy and then things changed suddenly with Brandon's health and he passed away! In 2010 my wife and I had a beautiful baby girl and we named her Madison! She was doing very well and also suddenly her health changed for the worst and we lost Madison and she is now in Heaven with her brother Brandon! Zachary is now 7 years old and doing great! He is what keeps Diana and I going each day! Zachary helps us to smile again and keeps us going on with each day! He makes everyone smile when when they meet him! During our struggles with the losses of our children I told my dad I was going to start an antique car rental business and he was going to drive one of my cars an we were going to do this together but he passed away in 2011 of an illness! So the dream of Dad and I driving together with our classic cars didnt happen! A year later in 2012 I decided  to go for my dream and I started the antique car rental business! I truely beleive to this day my Dad is riding with me in spirit! It didnt take me long to think of a buisness name too! I named my buinsess after my three children, Brandon, Madison, Zachary!

In memory of my
 Dad 6-16-2011
In memory of my
 Mom 6-2-2016
In memory of my beautiful children
          Brandon and Madison